Scandinavian minimalism is finding its way into our Colorado homes. The Scandinavian interior design style has grown in popularity due to its clean lines, natural materials, and the cozy atmosphere it adds to the home. Of course, no Nordic home is complete without beautiful Scandinavian hardwood floors.

Scandinavian Oak Floors

Simple, light, Oak floors are the epitome of the Scandinavian design style – Photo by © Hardwood Floors Magazine

The Appeal of Scandinavian Design

Whatever you call the design trend that’s happening, the modern elements that come with the Scandinavian design is a way to simplify your home, as well as make it more functional.

As opposed to the more ornamental style of a classic country home, Scandinavian design is much more toned down in design elements. It’s all about keeping it simple. When you are designing with a Scandinavian touch, the key is to make the simplicity and the restraint feel warm and welcoming.

When it comes to the Scandinavian hardwood floors, you want to keep them natural, allowing the wood to be featured in all their natural beauty.

Light Hardwood Floors

Scandinavian hardwood floors will tend to go towards the lighter wood tones, like an Oak floor, or sometimes even a pure whitewashed wood floor. By keeping the wood light and bright, you can maximize the sunlight in the darker winter months. A light Oak wood floor will also make your home feel roomier.

White Matte Oak Floors

Modern Scandinavian Floors

Treating light Oak floors with a white finish will add modern tones of white and gray to your home.

When treating light Oak floors with a whitewash, what you get is a subtle white-grayish tone to the wood. However, you want to make sure that your floors don’t make the room feel sterile.

When your floors are treated with a white varnish, be sure to add a few lighter but warmer tones to the room. The trick is to balance the lighter colors of the floors with the colors in your furniture, decor, and on the walls.

Scandinavian Oak Floors

If you are looking for Scandinavian Oak Floors for your Colorado home, talk to a flooring expert at one of our showrooms. You can schedule a free consultation and talk about how to add minimalism and earthy tones to your home for a modern Scandinavian interior design style.