Summers in Colorado are great for two reasons: it’s the perfect time to install new hardwood floors (repair old floors), there are thousands of miles of awe-inspiring landscape to keep you busy while we’re working on your floors.

Acclimation time

It takes time to install hardwood floors. Some of that time is spent making sure that each board is properly acclimated to your home or business.

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Take a hike in the Colorado wilderness while we install your new hardwood floors

Every type of wood is going to acclimate differently to various conditions. However, a little movement in your hardwood floors is going to be unavoidable. The wood that you choose is going to need to acclimate to its environment before installation, so make sure you deal with a contractor who is going to ensure proper acclimation time. A professional hardwood flooring craftsman will tell you that there is no set acclimation time. The wood will tell you when it is ready to be installed, so you have to have a little Mr. Miyagi like patience when installing new hardwood floors.

If you’re in a hurry, prefinished flooring is probably the way to go, but if you want solid, site finished floors, you’re going to have to allow the experts to take their time.

Wide boards have bigger reaction to moisture

The width of your boards will also have an impact on how they are going to behave through the seasons. The wider the board, the more it can cup and warp when moisture conditions change. The movement of the boards will be more noticeable in wide planks than slimmer planks.

Hardwood floor installation Denver

Wider planks are going to have a more noticeable reaction to changing moisture levels than slim boards.

Ventilation and insulation

To minimize the ebb and flow of your floor boards with small changes in temperature and moisture, make sure your home is properly insulated and ventilated to keep an even indoor temperature. If you allow your indoor air quality to change with the seasons, you’re going to wear your floors out prematurely. It’s like putting your floors through a yo-yo diet. Constantly losing moisture, and then gaining it. This yo-yo effect isn’t good for people, and it isn’t good for your floors.

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The more you can keep the moisture levels in your home even and comfortable, the longer the lifespan of your floors.