When you’re looking for office space or renovating a commercial building to start your business, there are a few new interior design trends to consider. The interior design choices you make for your office space could give you a leg up on attracting and keeping the best talent to help you grow your business, and great interior design begins with great hardwood floors.

Commercial hardwood floors in Colorado

Office interior design trends blend function and comfort.

Designing a modern office space

We’re moving away from the cubicles and designing office spaces that are designed for business but feel like home. No matter your style, making sustainable choices that are good for the planet as well as your employees isn’t going to go out of style anytime soon.

Using green building materials

Sustainability is the biggest interior design trend, not just for the office, but for life. Not only is being environmentally responsible a great sales point for your business, helping you attract great employees, but a green office environment is also going to provide a healthier environment for you and your team. Going green is great for your health and your business. Think about using reclaimed or sustainably sourced materials from beautiful hardwood flooring to cabinets and office furniture. You can make a statement from top to bottom by making sustainable interior design choices.

Sustainable hardwood flooring in Colorado

Make the office feel like home, starting with hardwood floors.

Design to promote work-life balance

The line between work and play has been blurred. In some places, the line doesn’t even exist. People, especially the younger generations, will appreciate a work environment that will make the office feel like a home away from home. Don’t be afraid to get creative with workspaces, as well as create break rooms and kitchen areas that encourage your employees to work hard and play hard. For example, hardwood flooring can give the modern office a touch of warmth and comfort to make the office feel like home.

Hardwood floors for commercial buildings in Colorado

We’ll help you find the most sustainable hardwood floors for your commercial building, including eco-friendly flooring finishes to keep them looking beautiful. Schedule a free consultation with a hardwood flooring expert who can guide you towards the best choices for your hardwood flooring project.