“Sometimes, it is the little things that make a big difference.”

1) Take off your shoes every time

Every time you walk outside, your shoes get filled with dirt and dust. When you walk into your house, you carry all this with you. There are two ways to avoid dirt coming into your home. The first one it to take your shoes off before entering the house. This way, you not only protect them from dust, but also from the damage that some shoes can leave, especially high heels. The other option is to place a mat both outside and inside the doors to decrease tracked-in dirt, which is always a better option when entertaining guests. In snowy or rainy weather, include a boot removal area to dodge damage from humidity.

vacuum2) Vacuum before mopping

Before attempting to wash a wood floor, you need to make sure to get rid of grime and dirt with a dust mop or vacuum cleaner. Rubbing dirt into hardwood floors is never a good idea. Dust the floor with a microfiber duster or use a mop that has been treated with a dusting agent, which will help you pick up dirt, dust, and pet hair.

3) Deep cleaning strategy

cleaning-268126For occasional deep wood floor cleaning, the best method is to mix one cup of vinegar with one gallon of water. Then, soak a clean mop into the solvent and wring it until it is damp-dry. Mop the floor moving in the direction of the floorboards, avoiding visible streaks when the water dries. Finally, you can either let it air dry or use a soft, clean towel to dry it yourself.

4) Fix existing scratches

It is impossible no to find any scratches, so, for those occasions, there is a very simple tip that can do the trick. You just need to find a crayon the color of the floor and rub it on the scratch, filling the gap. Then, you need to blow dry it with heat and buff it with a soft cloth.

We have both new floor installations and existing floor services to help you whenever you need. Once our service is done, we want to help you keep them sparkling at all times, so just follow these simple steps and maintain the quality of your floors. Contact us today and let us help you with every step of the way.