With the anticipation of the next wave of Star Wars film about to hit the world, we thought we’d start our own “Star Woods: Light vs. Dark” saga. Obviously, dark hardwood is very trendy these days – everyone loves a bad boy, a dark brooding stranger – but there are certainly many pros for sticking with the classic, always trustworthy, light hardwood.

The smooth, dark, mocha floors are bold, contemporary, and sexy, and they remind us all of sinful, delicious chocolate. It is no wonder that so many people have been lured over to the dark side of hardwood flooring.

Hardwood flooring tips

If you have a golden retreiver, you may want to consider light wood floors to match the color of the fur. It will save you a lot of extra sweeping.

Since hardwood floors are a big investment, and should last a lifetime, you want to make sure that you are making the right choice. Hardwood floors should never be an impulse buy. You want to feel good about your choices, but you don’t want to be emotional about making those choices. Don’t be tempted over to the dark side before you think things through.

Some of the things to consider regarding dark wood flooring is that dust and dirt will tend to show up a lot more on dark floors. Tiny specs of dust will shimmer in the sunlight, and be further highlighted by the dark floors.

If you have a golden retriever, you’ll be seeing every little shed golden blonde hair. However, if you have a chocolate lab, chocolate floors may just hide all the little chocolate hairs that are inevitable in a home with pets.  

Reclaimed oak plank flooring

A big wide open room can handle dark wood floors without making the room feel cramped and small.
Photo: Reclaimed oak plank flooring

Some will also tell you that if you have pets, dark wood will work against you. Most wood is naturally light, and once your pet’s nails scratch through the finish, you’ll see tiny light scratches all over your home. But, if you have to have to have to have dark wood despite your pets, a softer finish will prevent those little paws from cracking the finish, exposing the natural light wood boards. Instead, it will simply dent and be less visible to the naked eye.

If you have a lot of colorful or white furniture, a pop of dark on the floors could be just the thing to accent the rest of your style. But, if you have a lot of dark wood and dark furniture, adding dark wood could make your home feel cramped, dark and claustrophobic.

But, pros and cons are terribly logical, and in the end we know you’re going to close your eyes and use the force. Whichever direction the force may point you, a skilled hardwood flooring expert will be able to give you the color, style and species of hardwood you’ve always dreamed of, and then finding the right solutions to make your dream floors work with your lifestyle.