When you get new hardwood floors there is no limit to the style of floor you can get. New hardwood floors can be made to match your decorative style. Today we’re going to talk about how to manipulate your new hardwood floors to create an antique look to match your home.Antiquing new floors

Ways to Manipulate Hardwood Floors

The type of wood that you choose and the style of installation is just the beginning of a complete hardwood flooring project. Once the floors have been laid in place, it’s time to think about the finishing touches. The finish that you choose on the floors can help highlight your decorative style and home decor. The right flooring finish can bring out the right colors in the wood. And you can finish new floors to be made to look like they are rustic and antique.

Bleaching hardwood floors

You want to be very careful when bleaching hardwood floors because the process can leave your floors vulnerable. Make sure that you work with a professional if you’re bleaching your floors to give them a bit of age and character.

Effects of bleaching

If you have a home that is decorated in a rustic country style, new hardwood floors can throw off the aesthetic. But you can instantly age your floors by bleaching. Bleaching will give your floors a look like they have been bleached by the sun over time. It can bring out great texture and effect to compliment the rest of your home.

Pickling hardwood floors

hardwood walnut floor

Hand scraped walnut flooring gives new floors instant patina.

Picking your hardwood floors is very similar to whitewashing your floors. Both methods aim to lighten the natural wood. By pickling can highlight the grain and patterns in the wood, adding a bigger contrast and making the wood look more aged. Picking is great after you’ve bleached your floors to bring out a bit more texture.

Antiquing hardwood floors

Antiquing your floors will add the final touch to aging your new hardwood floors. Antiquing is a lot like distressing the wood. Distressing the boards by hand ensures that each board will be unique and add to the beauty and character of your floors. Some manufacturers will have hand-scraped distressed boards available.

New Antique Hardwood Floors

At T&G we carry our own line of hardwood flooring, including distressed walnut or distressed acacia floors. Our hardwood flooring craftsmen can guide you towards the best type of hardwood floors for your Colorado home. Schedule a free consultation for your hardwood flooring project.