Hardwood floors are a big expense, but if done correctly, are well worth the investment. But, because hardwood floors are meant to last a lifetime, you want to make sure that you make the right choices from the beginning.

Of course, if you want to change up your hardwood floors after some time, then you have the option to do so, but for most homes, you want to make the right wood floor choices to match your lifestyle. When talking to a wood flooring contractor, make sure to ask about how your flooring choices will affect the overall aesthetics.

Wood flooring choices

Make choices based on your lifestyle for the best hardwood floors.

The Right Wood Floors for Your Lifestyle

Aesthetic choices are as much about choosing the right wood and the right stain to go with a home, as it is about how your lifestyle is going to affect the floors over time. A quiet couple without pets, kids, and indoor shoes will be able to make different choices about their flooring than a family of five, two dogs, and a couple of cats.

Hiding Scratches and Dirt

If you aren’t too strict about a “no shoes” policy or if you entertain a lot, have kids that play sports, and dogs that love to play rough inside the house, then you’re going to want to choose a hardwood floor that won’t buckle under pressure. Or, make peace with showing too many of the inevitable scratches and dirt that gets trapped inside the house on a daily basis.

Low Sheen Flooring

Choosing a hardwood floor

The more sheen, the more you’ll highlight dust, scratches, and tiny imperfections.

One of the decisions to make regarding floors is the level of sheen that you want. Ball-room type spaces are often seen with high-sheen floors, but for a home, a more matte finish may be more compatible unless you are going for a highly luxurious feel. Also, the less shine you have, the more light will be reflected off of your floors, and the less you’ll notice smaller scratches and dents.

Also, the less shine you have, the more light will be reflected off of the floors, and the less you’ll notice smaller scratches and dents.

Softwood and Finish for Pets and Foot Traffic

For homes with a lot of foot traffic and pets, choosing a floor that is made of a softer wood and finish will help hide scratches. When choosing softer materials, high heels, soccer cleats, and pet nails will dent the wood, not scratch the surface. Dents are less noticeable than scratches. And, if the finish or the wood is too hard, the finish may crack and expose your wood floors to moisture and water damage.

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