Hardwood floors are famous for their beautiful shine. However, the latest trend in hardwood flooring is using a matte floor finish. A matte finish on hardwood floors will take away the shine, and instead, highlight the natural beauty of the hardwood.

Whether you have light or dark hardwood floors, adding a matte finish will bring an organic feel to them, while still being adaptable to any interior style.

Hardwood flooring trends

Matte floors are kid and pet-friendly by hiding dirt, dust, and dents better than glossier floor finishes.

Natural Beauty of Hardwood Floors

Wood has so many unique characteristics that a matte finish can highlight. Ironically, using a matte floor finish will allow these features to shine brighter.

Using a matte finish will protect the wood, but will keep it looking as natural as possible, almost like you didn’t use any finish at all.

Keeping your floors matte won’t make them duller; instead, they’ll give your home a simple and rustic feel, which is perfect for the Colorado home.

Matte Floors Are Kid and Pet-Friendly

A shiny floor finish might help you spread the light throughout the home, which can have its benefits in the winter months when sunlight is scarce. However, a matte floor finish is also a better match for homes with kids and pets.

Any dust, dirt, dents, and dings in a shiny floor will be easily noticed. But, a non-glossy finish is much better at hiding all the little imperfections that can appear in a lively household. Kids playing and pets scratching the floors go hand in hand with an active family, and your floors should be a reflection of your lifestyle.

Matte hardwood floors

A matte finish will bring out the natural beauty of your hardwood floors.

Matte Hardwood Floors in Colorado

Matte hardwood floors bring simplicity and elegance to your home. They tend to be more subtle and are perfectly suited to go with any style of home. Of course, there are several levels of gloss to choose from.

To understand the differences between glossy, semi, satin, and matte floor finishes and which is best for your home, talk to a hardwood flooring expert. Or, better yet, stop by one of our showrooms and we’ll show you first hand!

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