When you think of hardwood floors, your mind will automatically throw up an image of shiny hardwood floors. However, the latest interior design trend is to get matte hardwood floors. If you are looking for hardwood floors that appear to be in their most natural and organic state, choosing a matte finish will be the defining touch.

Matte hardwood floors

Matte natural blonde beetle kill pine

Naturally beautiful hardwood floors

Rustic and sustainable are huge trends in interior design. Getting hardwood floors is as natural as it gets, especially if you use reclaimed wood or wood that shows off the natural grain and texture of the wood. However, to protect your hardwood floors, you need a good finish. Besides choosing a water-based floor finish to make it as eco-friendly as possible, a matte floor finish will preserve the integrity of the wood. With a matte floor finish, you’re making the wood look as real to its natural state as possible.

Less shine

When you minimize the shine of the wood, you are creating the illusion that the wood is still in a raw state, as if the wood was taken straight from the forest and placed on your floors. Although more shine sometimes symbolized luxury, a matte finish is delicate, simple, and elegant. A matte hardwood floor finish expresses natural sophistication. Matte hardwood floors will add warmth and comfort to a home.

Matte hardwood flooring in Denver

Matte floors are naturally beautiful.

Hiding imperfections

When you add a floor finish with shine, the light will be reflected more intensely off of the floors. When your floors are dirty or get a scratch, each imperfection is going to be highlighted by the light. With a matte floor finish, dust, dirt, dents, and dings will be camouflaged and undetectable by the naked eye. For homes with pets, children, and high heels, a matte finish will keep your floors looking new for much longer.

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