Colorado homeowners are looking for new ways to modernize their classic country style homes. Hardwood flooring is the perfect blend of contemporary and country, making it an easy choice for your home. Playing with color and texture, you can easily bring a little contemporary design to a classic home.

What floors go with modern interior design

Hardwood flooring will add a little warmth to modern interior design.

Contemporary hardwood floors

When you are looking to make your home more contemporary, you want to look for ways to make your interior design more minimalistic. The Scandinavians are leading the pack in modern design, with their sleek clean lines and simple design. For contemporary flooring, look for wood that will have lighter tones. Blonde hardwood flooring and even the ever-popular gray hardwood floors are dominating the contemporary hardwood flooring trend.

Contemporary country style

Lighter hardwood floors will make your country home feel light, airy, and cheerful. Mixing it with a few darker pieces of furniture that are common in a country home will perfectly blend the contemporary and the country.

Rustic hardwood flooring

Choosing flooring for a contemporary home

Reclaimed floors will go with any type of interior design.

One type of hardwood flooring that is perfect for a blend of modern and country is reclaimed hardwood floors. The cool, graphic texture of reclaimed hardwood is modern without taking away the warmth and the charm. Balance the rustic floors with furniture and accessories that have a modern minimalistic design to modernize your Colorado country home.

Wooden wall treatments

You can even extend your hardwood flooring onto the walls, creating a unique and architectural visual that is both modern and classic.

Choosing hardwood flooring for Colorado homes

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