Make 2018 the year that you finally get the hardwood floors your home deserves. Hardwood floors fit any style of home and any interior design style. To find the best hardwood floors for your Colorado home, talk to the hardwood flooring experts at T&G Flooring.

Finding the right wood floor for your home

Modern home design

Dark wood floors add warmth and beautiful contrast to lighter and brighter design elements.

The most popular architectural style in Colorado will blend country with modern elements. The trick is to modernize your home, making it more simple and functional. But, still keeping the warm elements of the country lifestyle. Hardwood floors are the perfect way to add warmth to a modern home.

Modern interior design

In the past, the country style home has seen a lot of dark wood elements. Cabinets, furniture, and hardwood floors all in the same dark wood has overtaken interior design for centuries. But, in 2018, it’s time to brighten up your home. Adding more simple and light design elements will make the home more vibrant. Finding the perfect balance between clean and bright, and warm and cozy is the key.

Adding warmth to a modern home

Function and minimalism are the cornerstones of a modern home. Homeowners are changing out their dark wood elements and replacing them with lighter colors and a cleaner design. However, you also have to make sure that you don’t make everything so bright that you lose that homey feel. Dark chocolate hardwood floors are the perfect contrasting element that will tie everything together, spreading warmth throughout the home.

Contrasting dark wood floors

Dark reclaimed hardwood floors

Dark reclaimed wood floors are the perfect way to add a cozy element to a modern home.

Using a reclaimed wood, with beautiful texture and earthy tones is both modern and comforting. Break up the light coloring of cabinets, walls, and furniture with a contrasting floor. Contrasting dark hardwood floors will enhance the other design elements. Plus, hardwood floors are both sophisticated and cozy.

Hardwood flooring experts in Denver

At T&G, we carry our own line of hardwood floors, plus carry major brands. We’ll help you find the perfect type of floor for your Colorado home. To learn more about your hardwood flooring options, schedule a free consultation with a hardwood flooring expert.