New vintage hardwood floors sound like an oxymoron, but unless your home already has beautiful, old, hardwood floors, a skilled craftsperson can help you achieve the ultra modern vintage look with new hardwood floors.

Flaws and all

Colorado hardwood flooring services

Choose reclaimed wood, or wood with flaws and all to create a vintage look for your Colorado home or business.

The floors may be new to you, but all wood comes from trees with a rich history. Finding wood flooring with flaws, knots, and great antiquity will give your new floors a classic and vintage look.

Celebrate the flaws and the individual character of every floor board.

Reclaimed wood brings the vintage to new floors

Besides choosing a species that has a heavy grain, take it one step further and get reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is great for the environment because you are using materials that have already been sourced. Plus, reclaimed wood comes with a unique history and rustic charm. It’s new vintage at its finest.

Make vintage floors new again

If you’re fortunate enough to have timeless vintage hardwood floors in your home already but they are starting to show their age a bit, a skilled hardwood flooring craftsperson can sand and refinish almost any hardwood floor, whether site-finished or pre-finished. It’s like giving your old floors a little botox; just enough to bring their natural glory and charisma back while still maintaining their vintage beauty.

Colorado hardwood flooring services

We’ll help you pick the wood and the installation methods to create a rustic, vintage aesthetic for your home.

Choose finishes that are eco-friendly water-based polyurethanes to keep your floors as green as possible. To further protect your vintage hardwood floors, apply a maintenance coat of finish to maintain the wear layer of finish. Maintaining the wear layer ensures that your vintage floors will look new for a long time to come.

Talk to T&G about your next hardwood flooring project

T&G Flooring will install new pre-finished & site-finished hardwood flooring in both commercial and residential spaces. Our team is far more than talented craftspeople. We also have outstanding design-minded professionals who can help you go beyond selecting the right hardwood floor – we’ll help you pick the best color and design, too!

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