(Cover image: NWFA Hardwood Floor of the Year 2015 by Chris Saraceno via Hardwoodfloorsmag.com)
Hardwood Floor of the Year 2015, members choice at the NHFA Expo. Photo credit: Chris Saraceno

Hardwood Floor of the Year 2015, members choice at the NWFA Expo.
Photo credit: Chris Saraceno

With all the images going viral on the internet these days, it’s hard to imagine that a hardwood floor would make an impact. Maybe if it had a really cute kitten playing on it, but no kittens or puppies were to be found in any of the photos of the 2015 Wood Floor of the Year winners announced at the NWFA 2015 Wood Flooring Expo. And the winner of the Members Choice Award received over 2 million likes on facebook. It’s great to see that solid, beautiful craftsmanship can still get attention these days.

Members choice hardwood floor of 2015 winner

It’s easy to see why Real Antique Wood’s live-edge black walnut slab installation took home the members choice award. It’s a beautiful display of how something as simple as a floor, can quickly become a work of art. And the story of how this New Jersey based company came to be.

Photo by Chris Saraceno

Photo by Chris Saraceno

And be honest, isn’t the 6 year old kid inside of you just begging to mattress slide down those stairs? The adult in me says “no way, kid, are you crazy?!”, but the kid in me said “c’mon, you practically built in a mattress-sled track!”

At T&G Flooring we want to help inspire you to go big and bold with your hardwood flooring choices. We’ll bring you news and photos from time to time to give you ideas and inspirations. We’re not saying every floor has to be floor of the year, but we want you to see what is out there.

To see more, check out this months edition of Hardwood Floors, the official magazine of the NWFA.

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