For homes that want to blend modern and vintage design, there’s a new trend in town. Oiled hardwood floors will look modern and chic, while still maintaining their vintage country charm. If you’re looking to get hardwood floors, talk to your flooring contractor about using an oil sealer instead of the traditional hardwood flooring finishes.

Oil hardwood floor sealer

Hardwood flooring will add a little warmth to modern interior design.

Oil sealers for hardwood floors

Instead of a finish that sits on top of your floors, oil sealers will penetrate your floors. If you’re looking for the most organic options, there are natural oils that use oil from sunflowers, hemp, linseed, soy, and much more. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly floor finish alternative, oil is a great option. Besides the natural oil, you can also add extra protection and durability by choosing a hard wax oil finish.

Preserve the natural aesthetic of the wood

When the oil finish is applied to your hardwood floors, it will penetrate the wood making the entire board stronger. But, the best part about oil sealers is that they will enhance the natural beauty of the wood. Oil finishes will not detract from the natural textures and various shades of the natural wood. Plus, it will not dull over time, but rather allow your floor to age with grace.

Oil sealers are durable

Benefits of oil sealer for hardwood

If you have a blonde pet, light floors will hide the hairs better than dark wood floors.

If you’re worried that oil finishes won’t protect your floors against the wear and tear of foot traffic, oil finishes are extremely durable. Not only does it strengthen the wood, but it also hides little dents and scratches that may occur. With a regular floor finish, you may be able to notice wear and tear more due to the contrast in the finish from the wood. However, when the oil blends in with the wood, any scratches or dents will blend perfectly with the grain and texture of your hardwood floors.

Hardwood flooring experts in Colorado

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