T&G Flooring is the largest wood-focused flooring for retailers, contractors and home owners in Greenwood Village. At our gallery-style showrooms, you’ll be able to learn more about our {key term}, combining beauty with great value.

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No matter how big, small, complex or simple your hardwood flooring installation or refinishing project is, we have all the experience and professional staff to make it happen in a fast, clean and reliable way. Our staff is highly trained and will work with you as a team to give you all the advice and guidelines you need to choose the best option for your flooring project. We offer all types of {key term} available on our store, including our eco-friendly hardwood products like reclaimed hardwoods and beetle kill pine. If you live in Greenwood Village and need wood-focused flooring services for your commercial or residential property, we have all the wood flooring solutions you need.

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