The benefits of handscraped hardwood floors

There’s no reason you can’t have beautiful hardwood floors, a bunch of kids and a few furry friends all living together in perfect harmony. Handscraped hardwood flooring is the perfect solution for this type of a family. You might say that handscraped floors are the Kix of hardwood: Kid tested, mother approved!

Hardwood flooring tips for Colorado homeowners

Handscraped floors are perfect for an active home with kids and pets.
Photo: handscraped Hickory floor

This latest trend in hardwood flooring brings the beauty, warmth and classic charm of hardwood flooring to any Colorado home, but the nature and texture of the wood make it a lot more forgiving to a home with a lot of foot and paw traffic. By purposefully giving your floors a “worn” effect, you won’t be pulling your hair out every time a dog digs its nails into the floors to round a corner, or when your kids run through with snow boots or soccer cleats because that’s going to happen. Don’t add ten years to your life stressing about protecting your hardwood floors; add ten years to your hardwood floors by hand scraping the boards. And then let your family live a little.

Hardwood flooring tips for Colorado home and business owners

Photo: handscrapped natural hickory flooring by T&G Flooring, Colorado

Hand scraped flooring, due to the technique of “scraping” the wood with a knife, already has scraped marks as part of its charm. This method gives your floors that “old-timey” vibe plus they help camouflage any tiny imperfections caused by a lot of child and pet activity. Each board will vary slightly, so a few extra dents and scratches here and there won’t stand out like they would on a smooth, evenly colored hardwood floor.

Hand scraped flooring can be a work of art, and although most hand scraped wood is done with a machine, and not by hand, you’ll still need to find a skilled hardwood craftsman who can help you accomplish the final look of the wood. If this is what you are going for, do a little research and get some inspiration from other hardwood floors in your neighbourhood, or you can stop by one of our showrooms to discuss your ideas with an expert.

Hardwood floors will last a lifetime, so make sure you get it right the first time by hiring someone who will help you make the right choices for you home, your family and your lifestyle.