While you’re busy decking the halls with boughs of holly (fah-la-la-la-la), and placing area rugs and doormats in high traffic areas, don’t forget to protect your floors from the fireplace to the Christmas tree. Before you know it, Santa is going to make a visit, and we guarantee that he does not have time to wipe his boots before filling your stockings and eating his cookies.

It’s a busy time of year for Santa and his reindeer, he has to fly around the world delivering presents. With 2.2 billion children under the age of 15 in the world, think of all the dirt, snow and moisture, not to mention soot from your fireplace, Santa will be carrying around on those big boots of his. The last thing you want is to spend Christmas morning worrying about your beautiful hardwood floors, so take a minute to put down extra rugs around the fireplace.

Protecting your hardwood floors in the winter

Put down a few rugs to protect your floors from Santa’s snow and soot covered winter boots.

Protecting your hardwood floors from soot and ash

Snow and moisture may not be your biggest concern. After all, between Santa sliding down your chimney, til your kids wake up, the chances are that the wet footprints he may leave aren’t going to do a lot of damage to your floors. And, since he spends his time flying in his sleigh and enters from your rooftop, he hasn’t had the chance to pick up rock salt or chemicals from streets, sidewalks and driveways. What you do need to be concerned about is the soot that is dragged from the fireplace to onto your floors.

Soot is a nasty, greasy, and hard to remove. Since the ash and soot haven’t had a chance to work its way deep into your floors, you could be lucky and be able to wipe off the affected area around the fireplace. However, if your floors already have tiny cracks in the finish, the ash and soot could require professional care. Removing soot and ash stains require the use of chemicals, and in turn, you’ll want a professional crew to restore the damaged flooring to its original luster and beauty.

Tips to protecting your hardwood floors in the winter

Don’t let snow, soot, and Santa ruin your hardwood floors.

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If you want to spend Christmas morning opening presents, cooking and enjoying time with family and friends, throw down a few mats or area rugs around the fireplace. Not only will it prevent dirt, soot, snow and moisture from ruining your floors, but it will also quiet the sound of Santa’s arrival, allowing your kids to remain asleep while Santa fills your house with presents and Christmas cheer before exiting as quickly and quietly as he came.