There’s nothing cozier in the winter than a fireplace. But, there’s nothing that will ruin the warmth and comfort of the fire than watching your hardwood floors suffer. So today we share some tips for protecting hardwood floors from the fireplace.

Fireplaces and Hardwood Floors

Protect hardwood floors from a fireplace

A raised hearth fireplace will give your hardwood floors extra protection.

There are several types of fireplaces, and some are better for hardwood floors than others. But, whether you choose a gas or electric chimney, there are going to be building codes that your flooring contractor will have to abide by.

If you’re having hardwood floors installed in a room where you have a fireplace, you will need to ensure that the flooring contractor knows how to provides the room with the floors so that they aren’t in danger of catching on fire or being ruined by the heat.

Non-Combustible Material around the Fireplace

Many fireplaces will have the hearth extend beyond its insert and into your living room. Many homeowners prefer to cover it with a non-combustible decorative material, like brick, stone, or tile. This will give you a little space between the heat of the fire and the start of your hardwood floors.

Installing Hardwood Floors around the Exterior Hearth

Protecting hardwood floors

Use a screen to protect your floors from sparks, ash, soot, and burning embers.

When talking to your hardwood flooring contractor, make sure they understand how to measure, cut, and install your hardwood floors correctly so that they transition smoothly and evenly around the exterior hearth of your fireplace.

Your contractor will need to take into consideration the materials, as well as whether the hearth is flushed with the floor or raised.

Fireplace with a Raised Hearth

If you’re installing a fireplace in a room with hardwood floors, think about one with a raised hearth. This will give extra protection to the floors and provides the room with a beautiful architectural effect. And, with a raised hearth, you’ll have additional seating near the fireplace.

Screen for the Fireplace

Colorado hardwood flooring contractor

Stop by to talk about installing hardwood floors around your fireplace.

Heat damage is your number one concern when having hardwood floors and a fireplace. But, if you’re burning wood, you also have to look out for ash, soot and shooting embers as the wood pops and crackles. Having a screen in front of your fireplace will catch any sparks and protect the floors.

Hardwood Flooring Contractors in Colorado

You don’t have to choose between a fireplace and hardwood floors. Talk to a hardwood flooring contractor in Colorado about the best method of installation, and how to protect your hardwood floors from the fireplace.

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