The holidays will put extra pressure your hardwood floors. When you make your list and check it twice for all the things you have to remember to get, don’t forget to get a few simple items that will protect your hardwood floors during the holidays. Once the new year arrives, you’ll be glad that you took preventative measure to avoid holiday damage to your floors.

Protect hardwood floors

Add area rugs in high-traffic areas to protect your hardwood floors.

Protecting hardwood floors

For every person that crosses with gifts and treats, your hardwood floors will see a bit of extra foot traffic. And, because of the continuous string of guests, from families visiting from afar, to neighbors just stopping by, you aren’t always paying attention. A few boots and stilettos find their way onto your floors before you have a chance to explain your “no shoe policy.” Although you may not have a pet, someone in your family will insist on bringing theirs. And, there will be kids running, jumping, skipping, and spilling. Who are we kidding? Some of the adults will be doing this, too. All we’re trying to say is, when you shop for the holidays, be sure to shop for these simple items to protect your hardwood floors.

Mats, rugs, and runners

We know you want to show off your hardwood floors, but just for the holidays, think about adding a few extra rugs and mats in high-traffic areas. A few extra doormats, both at the front door and the back door, will help you minimize the dirt and snow being tracked into the home.

A hallway runner is always a great idea, because with a lot of guests also come a lot of shoes. Not everyone can fit on one doormat as they’re taking off their shoes, so a long festive runner will give your guests space.

Taking shoes off outside

Refinishing hardwood flooring services in Colorado

Sand and refinish your hardwood floors to make them new again.

Some will choose to have an outside area where people can take off their shoes and boots. That way they won’t be standing on your hallway floors dripping and causing spot damage (and a mess). You’re still going to want doormats, but you may be able to eliminate the runner.

Too many rugs

You also want to make sure that you aren’t putting down too many rugs. Too many rugs will make your floors look like one big patchwork quilt, which would be a shame. Luckily, there’s a simple option to protect your floors without ruining the aesthetic of beautiful hardwood floors.

Felt pads

Besides foot traffic, the extra guests will cause your furniture to get moved about a lot more. Check the felt pads that you already have on your chairs, table, and couches. Replace any that are loose, worn down, or filled with dirt and dust. A few grains of dirt stuck in the felt can turn a soft protective barrier into sandpaper. Sandpaper is bad for hardwood floors. Not only do felt pads protect your floors from getting scraped, but they also reduce the noise.

Refinishing hardwood floors Denver

A few tiny imperfections and a few worn patches can build character and great memories, but if this was the last holiday season your floors could take, talk to T&G about refinishing your hardwood floors. Once we’re done, your floors will be ready for many more happy holiday seasons to come.