Don’t be afraid to install hardwood floors over radiant heat. If you install your floors correctly, and talk to a professional, underfloor heating can help maintain your floors and keep them from warping, gapping, contracting and expanding with changes in your indoor climate.

Climate and moisture control

If you’ve been following blogs and videos, it is no secret that moisture is the greatest enemy to hardwood floors. Wood is an organic, living material and it will react to changes in your indoor climate, especially changes in humidity and moisture levels. Radiant heating can help you control the moisture levels in your home.

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Conventional heating systems can create an inconsistent indoor climate and cause your hardwood floors to gap.

Consistent indoor air quality

Conventional heating systems will heat your home from a few sources, and the heat will slowly spread to your entire home. This can create inconsistencies in the temperature in your home. It will be hotter near the radiator as it works to push heat to every corner of your home. This can create problems for hardwood flooring. The wood nearest the heat source can start to contract with the low moisture levels, but the wood that is farthest away from the heat source doesn’t behave the same way. You may see your hardwood floors start to gap near the original heating source, and then the gapping stops as you move away from the heat.

Don’t put extra pressure on your floors with conventional heating systems. With underfloor radiant heating, you can create an even heat throughout your home and keep your floors consistent.

Radiant heat is energy efficient

Radiant heating will also use less energy to keep your home comfortable as it is heating everywhere at the same time.

Save your floors and lower your energy consumption with radiant heating.

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