When it comes to hardwood floors we only work with the best in the business. When it comes to mill direct products we work with a small family lumber mill that values quality over quantity and ensures that every board is personally inspected and handled by the families that run Sustainable Lumber Company in Montana.

Know where your hardwood floors come from

In a time where we are all doing our best to protect and preserve our environment and making sure that our carbon footprint is at a bare minimum, reclaimed wood has become increasingly more popular with our customers. Not only is reclaimed wood a great way to give your floors a truly unique look, it is also a great way to not let things go to waste.

reclaimed hardwood floors by T&G Flooring

Reclaimed oak floors by T&G Flooring in Denver and Evergreen, CO

At Sustainable Lumber, artisan style craftsmanship is evident in every product. All the boards are produced from reclaimed, salvaged and certified wood that have been source within a 100 mile radius of the facility. Because quality is valued over quantity, you can trust that every board in your new hardwood floor has been personally handled and checked for quality down to the smallest detail.

“We’re not in business to get rich, we’re in business to make an honest living and be good stewards of our natural resources.” – Sustainable Lumber Co.

T&G Flooring in Colorado used mill direct reclaimed floor products from Sustainable Lumber Co.

Get to know your Sustainable Lumber production crew: Laverne, Jethro, Chris, Jamie, Dave, Michael. 
When it comes to a quality product and quality people you can’t find a better crew.

Mill direct products from Sustainable Lumber Co.

If you want high quality, mill direct, no waste, reclaimed & recycled hardwood floors that have been hand-crafted and personally inspected by artisan craftsmen, then talk to us about getting your wood products from Sustainable Lumber:

  • Douglas Fir Flooring
  • Barnwood Collection Flooring & Paneling
  • Pallet Wood Wall Panels
  • Custom Wood Doors
  • Custom Cabinets

You can’t get hardwood floors without cutting down a few trees, but you can be responsible about your hardwood choices so that you get what’s best for your home or business, as well as what’s best for the environment.