Correct your carpeting mistakes!

At some point, you thought that carpet would be a better choice for you living room. You love the soft feel on your bare feet, and it’s a softer landing for little kids. But, now that the carpet has been around for a while, even with regular maintenance and cleaning, it is starting to look sad. It’s time to give your hardwood floors another chance!

Existing floor maintenance and repairs in Colorado

Bring out your hardwood floors and add a few area rugs instead of wall to wall carpeting. You won’t regret it!
Photo: handscrapped natural hickory flooring by T&G Flooring, Colorado

We can’t change the fact that hardwood floors are hard and made of wood. It’s sort of in the name. But, there are so many benefits to hardwood floors, and if you want your feet to feel like they are walking on a soft cloud, well, that’s why slippers were invented. And, you can always add a few strategic area rugs so that kids can still have a little cushion when they stumble and fall, as kids tend to do.

Hardwood floors will increase the value of your home

The natural beauty of hardwood floors is timeless. Hardwood floors will stay beautiful for a long time. Carpeting gets worn and fades, even with proper care. Once carpeting becomes too old, patchy, and stained, you have to replace them. With hardwood floors, solid hardwood floors, in particular, can be sanded and refinished and brought back to their original luster. Hardwood floors will maintain their value for decades. The value of carpeting will only decrease over time.

Hardwood flooring tips for Colorado homeowners

Free your floors from carpeting and increase your home’s value.

Hardwood flooring is also a lot more environmentally friendly than most carpeting. It is biodegradable, reusable, sustainable, and it does not emit the toxic volatile compounds into the air like carpeting. Stains and finishes can also be water-based and eco-friendly.

Cleaning hardwood floors is easier than carpet

Cleaning any spills is a lot easier on hardwood, than carpeting. A damp cloth tends to be all you need. With carpeting, you are on your knees soaking, scrubbing, and drying trying to deal with last night’s wine and cheese party, or pet “accidents”, or the remnants of your kids SpaghettiOs ground into the carpet fibers.

T&G Flooring in Denver and Energreen can help with new and existing hardwood flooring projects.

Our craftsmen will thrill you with their expertise and attention to detail, whether you choose engineered or solid hardwood flooring.

New and existing hardwood floors services in Colorado

To err is human, and to forgive is divine, as they say. We forgive you for covering your hardwood floors with carpeting, and we are here to help when you rip up that carpet, and you need help bringing your hardwood floors back to their original glory.