Historical wood floor restoration

Hardwood floors can last a lifetime. If you treat them right, they can even last many lifetimes. When hardwood floors have been around for so long that they have historical significance, you need to take special care to restore them correctly. Restoring historic hardwood floors requires a skilled hardwood flooring craftsman. Someone who will know how to restore a historic wood floor to its original beauty, without taking away the historic significance.

The difficulty in restoring historic hardwood floors

When you take on a historical restoration, you need to understand how to use modern tools and technology, while still preserving the history behind the wood floors. To stay true to the original floors, you may need to work with a wood flooring retailer that can find the same rare species of wood that was originally used. For the best result, you want to try to find the same type of wood and finish. However, there are some species of wood that you cannot find today because they are protected. If the original wood species isn’t available, you have to find the best solution to restore the floors.

Matching the style of the floor

Historic hardwood floor restoration

The installation and the style of hardwood floors change with the times. When you are restoring historic wood floors, it’s important that your flooring craftsmen understand the style of the floor that you are trying to restore, so that they can stay true to history. Refinishing historic floors and staying true to their original style will help protect the integrity, as well as the value, of your historic home or building.

Finest hardwood flooring craftsmen in Colorado

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