Hardwood flooring maintenance services

maintaining your hardwood floors

Rejuvenate your floor by sanding and refinishing or maintaining the existing floor finish.

As the saying goes “April Showers bring May flowers” and regardless of whether or not you’ve experienced a hefty rainfall this April, Spring is the perfect time to take a look at revitalizing your hardwood floors. We spend most our time in the Winter indoors, and our floors — especially in heavy traffic areas can take a beating. They’re also not very big fans of water! So late Spring and early Summer is the perfect time to look into refinishing your hardwood floors.

Refinishing existing hardwood floors

A number of things can impact the quality of your hardwood floors. Foot traffic, dog’s paws, and furniture knicks are a few of the more popular hazards your floor will face throughout the year. Nonetheless, your hardwood floor is a major investment that can increase the resale value of your home. Your hardwood floor should last you a lifetime, but it requires maintenance and care to do so. Cracks, stains, and dents are a good indication that it’s time to it’s time to sand and refinish


If you’re in the midst of Spring cleaning then it’s an excellent time to tackle those floors while you’re at it. Rearranging the furniture, going through the closets, and freeing up space anywhere that there’s clutter, is a great time to do some yearly maintenance on your HVAC system and on your floors. The wet Winter and Spring can be tough on your floors, and water damage can turn into major damage if it’s not addressed immediately. While you’re taking inventory of your belongings during the Spring cleaning process, be sure to have a look at your floors. They’ll thank

The same is true of your floors. A scratch here, a spill there, and all of a sudden, your floors are riddled with imperfections. Some imperfections are cosmetic, but others could be compromising the integrity of your floors.

Hardwood flooring maintenance services in Colorado

If you maintain the wear layer of your floor finish, you may never have to refinish your floors again.

Sanding and refinishing will make your floors perfect again, the way they deserve to be.

Maintain existing floor finish

Some hardwood floors may just need a little pick-me-up. We offer existing floor finish maintenance for floors that have lost a bit of their luster and may need a little nip-tuck, but not a complete facelift.

Depending on your needs, we will use either a physical or a chemical recoating process to apply a maintenance coat of finish to your floors. The screen and coat service is a cost-effective and time-efficient service that will leave your floors looking beautiful again. As long as you maintain your wear layer of finish, you may never have to refinish your floors again.

Hardwood floor maintenance and refinishing services

T&G can spring clean your floors so that your home looks refreshed and renewed. Talk to a hardwood flooring specialist about the right maintenance and repair service for your hardwood floors.