The range of color and texture of hardwood floors is so vast today that though some designers welcome the variety, others are left overwhelmed and confused when there’s a decision to be made about their flooring. So what makes the right shade and color for your hardwood floor? 

Choosing the right shade for your hardwood floors

The room size, the amount of natural light, and the height of ceilings are starting points in searching for the perfect hardwood floor. You may love the depth of hues in dark, exotic wood floors, but be careful if there’s a low daylight entering the room, or at least be sure the walls are a light color. Generally, small rooms or rooms with low ceilings look more open and broader with light, natural beige-colored hardwood and ceiling, such as white oak or gray cedar. Open spaces with big-size windows are great ”candidates“ for dark wood flooring, such as walnut, or any other stained hardwood.

Also, insist that you see the sample wood board during daylight, too, because artificial light alters the tone of the wood.

Choose the right shade for hardwood floor

North-oriented rooms which lack direct sunlight may benefit from warmer shades of polished hardwood, whereas rooms with plenty of sunshine to the south may be “cooled down“ by gray-hue matte finish wood floors.

Colorado Hardwood Flooring Design

Vintage or modern? Rustic or sleek? Perhaps a charming contrast? One cannot say that either light wood or dark wood are reserved for a particular kind of interior.

One of the mistakes people make is that they choose the floor (as it comes first in furnishing the interiors) based on an empty room. Know your furniture in advance – at least the color and size of it. Consider the walls, their structure, and color of the wallpaper, if any. Don’t leave out the curtains, drapes, or shutters when visualizing your room.

If you wish to get a classic look, opt for natural unstained wood or rich shades of brown, such as our distressed acacia.  For a more neutral tone, consider the lighter noni oak wood floor.

Colorado Hardwood Flooring Design and Repairs

Dark wood flooring gives the impression of luxury and elegance. It is also ideal for creating contrast with white colored fixtures, walls, or bright furniture.

Light grays may be a perfect foundation for bold-colored pieces of furniture or details in the room.

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