There are a few times in a homeowner’s life when a remodel is necessary. When you’re just moving in, and you want the home to reflect your style. When you need a change. Or, when you’re thinking of selling and want to increase the value and sales appeal of your home. But no matter why you’re doing it, remodeling the home is a bit of a puzzle when it comes to which order you should do things. Since our expertise is in all things hardwood flooring, let’s go over when to install your floors in a home remodeling project.

When to install hardwood floors

Installing floors first will be easier than having to design and cut around cabinets.

Home remodeling puzzle

Deciding what order to paint, install cabinets and casework, or lay hardwood floors can be a bit of a dilemma. So let’s go over the pros and cons of doing each thing first, second or third. You want the project to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. But you also want to make sure that new items aren’t being ruined by the installation of other items.

Painting first

In the spirit of making the installation and remodeling project run smoothly, painting the walls when they are bare, and there is nothing else in the room, is preferred. A wall is much easier to paint if there aren’t obstacles in your way. And if the paint splatters a bit, you won’t ruin new floors and cabinets.

Floors first

Installing hardwood floors first

Start with your floors, and then protect them as the remodeling continues.

Hardwood floors aren’t cheap, so, you may have a natural instinct to install hardwood floors last to protect them from the rest of the remodeling work. However, there are pros to installing hardwood floors first in a remodeling project. If you have custom cabinets, bookcases, or other casework done in the room, laying the floors first will make the installation much easier. Installing floors first means that you won’t have to cut and measure and plan around the cabinets. And installing floors first will give your contractors a clean room to lay the floors. It will be much more time efficient and require less work by your contractor.

Protecting floors

If you install floors before you bring in all the other furniture and custom casework, make sure that you place protective mats and plastic over the floors. Workers are going to be wearing heavy boots for safety, and you don’t want to have to sand and refinish your floors again once the installations are done.

Custom cabinets first

When to install hardwood floors in home remodel project

Lay floors first and avoid having to cut around custom cabinetry.
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If you install the cabinets first, you will need to cut around them when you get to the floors. This also means that there will be cutouts on your floors, making it more difficult to switch design and cabinetry in the future. Once you lay your floors around the cabinets, you are stuck with that cabinet shape and design. Or, you’ll have to add to the floors or redo the floors next time as well.

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