The new year is the best time to give your home a little pick-me-up. But, it’s not always realistic to do a complete remodel. Hardwood floors can sometimes lose their luster over time, so if you’re looking for a quick way to spruce up your home in 2018, have your hardwood floors refinished and give them new life in the new year.

Refinishing hardwood floors

As long as the scratches are only on the surface, you can fix your floor having them refinished.

Refinishing hardwood floors

Over time, and especially over the holiday season, your floors will see a lot of action. Pets, kids, guests, and life in general, will leave behind scratches, dents, and dings that all add up to a scuffed up surface. The good news is, that most of these imperfections are just cosmetic. They are only there on the very surface of your floors. And, as long as the damage doesn’t run too deep, refinishing hardwood floors is a simple solution.

Remove surface imperfections

Minor flooring damage that leaves your floors looking worn and dull is damage that has only affected the top coating protection on your hardwood floors. As long as nothing has penetrated the hardwood flooring finish, you can simply sand off the old finish and apply a new coat. It’s time-effective and cost-efficient bringing new life to your old floors.

Eco-friendly floor finishes

Water-based floor finishes

A water-based floor finish is better for the indoor climate.

When you sand and refinish, talk to us about using water-based finished that are more eco-friendly. Hardwood floors are already a green choice for flooring. By using a water-based floor finish you are creating a better indoor climate and environment that is less likely to trigger allergies. Water-based floor finishes have no volatile organic compounds (VOC) making them safer for everyone.

Hardwood flooring experts in Denver

If you want to give your hardwood floors a pick-me-up, schedule a free consultation with our hardwood flooring experts. We’ll help determine the best way to renew your hardwood floors, and the best type of finish to complete the project.