There’s a trend leaning towards lights and darks, both extremes coming strong. Cooler and browner tones are also standing out.  Warmer tones are less popular for this year.

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Reclaimed, wide plank, black hardwood floors are huge right now.

1. Dark Tones

Dark hardwood flooring continues to grow popular among customers. For the longest time, the most popular colors had been dark walnut, espresso ebony, and Jacobean. Lately, people have been requesting darker and darker tones, converting into very contemporary looks.

2.  Whitewashes and Grays

Gray hardwood is hot in 2016, increasing in popularity, especially with higher end and more fashion-forward clients. This great look is achieved by mixing ebony with white.

Light gray tends to be more expensive as you are required to use a higher grade water borne poly.

Believe it or not, whitewashed floors are also making a comeback and are now done in a more contemporary way, by adding a touch of wire-brushed or gray.

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Natural blonde matte hardwood floors can bring light and energy to your home.

3. Ultra Blonde Floors

Natural hardwood, sometimes known as blonde, is also trendy this season, becoming the second most popular color after the darks. It is great to help make space look more spacious and airier. It often costs a bit less and tends to give the home a more casual look.

The first step to choosing the best color for the hardwood floors at your home is figuring out the atmosphere you want to create. Once you have that, you can start to make some progress.

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