When we put on makeup or new clothes, we choose colors, textures, shapes, and sizes that compliment us. The same is true for hardwood floors. When you have hardwood floors, there are things you can do to “dress up” your floors to accentuate their natural beauty. Choose a stain that will bring out the natural tones in your wood floors.

Staining floors dark

Dark stains can help highlight your wooden floors.

Dressing Up Your Hardwood Floors

The stain that you choose for your floors can bring out their natural tones and textures. By either lightening or darkening your floors, you can accentuate features in the wood that will make your floors more visually stunning. Besides a stain, there are a few other techniques you can use to bring out the best features in your hardwood floors.

Staining your floors darker

Dark wood floors are a great way to highlight lighter tones in the room. Dark floors will look rich, luxurious, and warm. To find the perfect dark stain, look at the subtle colors of the wood and find a tone that you love. Every piece of wood has a multitude of colors that can highlight the natural beauty of the wood, and bring out more of the colors and tones that you want. Make sure the stain you choose won’t clash with the rest of the room. Dark floors are a great contrast to the rest of the furniture and accessories, so choose carefully.

Refinishing floors

To get an even color across your floors you will need to sand and refinish your floors. A professional can help you test out the stain and make sure that it is applied evenly. And they can remove the old finish and stain smoothly, preserving as much of your floors as possible in case you need to refinish them again in the future.

Lightening your floors

Staining floors light

Highlight the light colors in your wood floors by pickling or whitewashing your floors.

You can also add light to the room by lightning the wood. You can bleach, whitewash, or pickle your floors to give them a brighter and lighter finish. Instead of staining the entire board, you can use a technique called pickling to lighten the boards, but accentuating the grain. Pickling has a beautiful and dramatic effect, adding both light and texture to your wood floors.

Aging hardwood floors

Pickling will also give your floors an aged effect. If you want to keep them light and smooth, look to whitewash your floors. Pickling will instantly give your floors an antique effect, so keep that in mind before choosing this method to lighten your floors.

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