Congratulations on realizing that the best thing for your new hardwood floors is to have a professional in charge of the installation process! That doesn’t mean that you can’t be hands-on during the entire process. Just because you have a professional crew, doesn’t mean that you aren’t part of the decision process, and buying wood directly from the mill is a way for you to feel like you are almost building your floors from scratch.

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With mill direct products, you decide the size and shape of each board, allowing you to be more hands on with your next hardwood flooring project.

Mill direct wood is made to your exact specification

We all want to feel the personal satisfaction of building something with our own two hands, but our skills aren’t always up to the task. Many have tried and failed when it comes to hardwood flooring installations, often paying a lot more in repairs, or completely do over. But, hiring professionals don’t mean that you can’t feel like this is your project, and choosing the wood is one way to feel like you are the one in charge.

Instead of picking wood from a catalog and then stepping back from the process, talk to us about mill direct wood. You’ll get to see where the wood comes from, and you can speak directly to the people who are cutting and treating the wood, getting them to saw each of your boards to your exact specifications. You can make them wider, longer, etc., depending on your personal aesthetic. Sure, someone else is physically in charge of sawing, but you’re right there with them during the decision process.

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Mill direct wood products for your Colorado floors

Having a hardwood flooring craftsman at your side, helping you oversee and complete the project will allow for your direct mill wood to go through the proper acclimation period before the floor is installed in your home.

And once you’re ready to oversee the installation of your new floors, you’ll feel like you’ve been part of the process every step of the way. It’s as close to “doing it yourself” as you’ll get, without risking damaging or flubbing up your floors. It is the equivalent of being there for the birth of your baby or staying in the waiting area. Buying mill direct wood skips over several middlemen who have made decisions for you before you even see the product.

Make yourself the main person in charge of making the decisions, and feel good about every choice!

T&G Flooring in Denver and Energreen can help with new and existing hardwood flooring projects.

T&G Flooring in Denver and Energreen can help with new and existing hardwood flooring projects.