Sometimes it can be hard to find a good use for that one tiny room in your home. It’s not quite big enough to be a living room, it’s not small enough to be turned into a closet, it’s just that annoying in-between size that can drive a homeowner crazy. We’ve got a few flooring tricks that can transform a small room.

Wide plank flooring for small rooms

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The direction of your hardwood floors can help a small room feel bigger.

A small room with busy flooring can make you feel like you’ve been sent off to the loony bin. But, before you turn that infuriatingly small room into a rubber room, talk to a hardwood flooring specialist about using flooring to open up the room making it feel light and spacious.

When picking out flooring for your small room, look for wider planks. Small strips will make the floor look too busy, and you need to minimize as much as possible in a small room. Too much will make a room feel confined.

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Don’t be afraid of darker, deeper colors of your hardwood floors in a small room.

Dark wood is also your friend for confined spaces. Mixed with light, cool colors on your wall and your trim will bring the eye upwards, making the room feel bigger than it is. It’s all about trying to expand the room using tricks to fool the eye into thinking there is more space than there is.

Interesting installation patterns for small rooms

How you install the floors can also have an impact. Laying the boards diagonally across the room is another technique used by hardwood flooring experts to expand the parameters of a small room. It also adds something interesting and unique that will distract the eye and help you forget that the room isn’t as spacious as it seems.

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Talk to a hardwood flooring expert about the best flooring for your project.

Lastly, extending the flooring from your small room to the hallway and adjacent rooms will make the room feel bigger as it becomes a part of the whole house, and not just an individual room. Even though it is separated by walls, the human eye will see consistency throughout the home, making it all seem like a wide open space.

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