Stains on your carpet from red wine to dirty puppy paws can be a big stress factor for homeowners. Instead of spending a fortune on a bunch of different “get the stain out” products and tools, we have two words for you: hardwood floors.

Benefits of hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are the easiest flooring to clean.

Clean spills in an instant

How many times have you heard of a product that will clean up a stain in an instant? If you have a carpet, chances are you also know that there is no such magic cleaner, and that carpet will start to look faded, worn, and stained in no time at all. If you’re sick of soaking, washing, scrubbing, and paying for professional carpet cleaning, maybe it’s time to put all of that money aside and talk to a hardwood flooring craftsman about your options. Hardwood floors are the easiest flooring to clean. As long as they’re installed right and you have the right finish, all you need is a broom and a soft paper towel, and any spill is wiped up quickly, leaving no trace behind.

Easy to maintain

Any liquid spill should be wiped up immediately. However, it’s easy to do, and when it comes to cleaning your floors, the less you do, the better. A soft-bristled broom or a dry cloth is all you need to wipe down your hardwood floors and keep them looking beautiful. Depending on the color of your pets, you may want to choose a similar color wood or stain to hide the pet hairs, but as far as cleaning, at most, you’ll need a slightly damp cloth to wipe up dirt and grime. However, with regular maintenance, a quick sweep or vacuum is sufficient.

Hardwood floors for dogs

Choosing the right hardwood floors

The right finish will be able to stand up to a home filled with puppy love.

If your family includes a few four-legged furry friends, hardwood floors will keep you from spending all of your free time scrubbing dirty pawprints off of your carpet. If you choose a softer finish, you won’t have to worry about pet claws scratching up your hardwood floors. Ironically, the softer the finish, the less damage your dogs and cats will do to the surface of your floors. If you choose a hard finish, there’s a chance it will crack when a few dogs are playing and clawing away at your hardwood, but if the finish is soft, it will merely dent, which is much less visible to the human eye. Yes, the same rule applies if you want hardwood floors and wear stilettos in the house.

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