We’re seeing a lot of homeowners create outdoor living spaces. Building a wood floor deck will extend your home to the great outdoors. When you live in Colorado, you want to take advantage of our beautiful nature and fresh air. However, you have to know what wood to choose when building a deck, because the elements can quickly get the better of you if you don’t choose wisely.

Choosing wood for your deck

The type of wood you choose should be able to handle exposure to the elements.

The right wood for your deck

There’s nothing more classic and beautiful than wood for a porch or deck. Great woodworking is an artform, and if you choose the right wood for your deck, then you’ll not only get a great outdoor living space for entertaining and watching the sunset, but you’ll also get a piece of art. However, you have to consider both beauty and function.

Durable wood for your deck

The type of wood that you need for a deck needs to both be visually stunning but also resistant to the elements. However, some types of wood that have been pressure-treated to resist nature will quickly become unsightly. Plus, they can contain a lot of chemicals that are harmful. The trick is to repel pests but not cause health issues for people and pets.

The three most durable and commonly used wood species for decking are:

  • The most durable types of wood for decking

    Ipe, Redwood, and Western Red Cedar are three great choices for outdoor wooden decks.

    Ipe – this is one of the most durable types of wood, and an excellent choice for outdoor decks. Ipe is strong, durable, and naturally resists the elements so that it won’t rot, decay, grow moldy, or become infested with bugs. Plus, ipe has a wide range in color. Most ipe will have a striped texture, adding a bit of visual drama to your decking.

  • Redwood – One of the biggest factors in choosing wood is how it is going to react to the elements. Cupping and warping is a natural reaction when wood is exposed to the great outdoors and everything that comes with it. Redwood is naturally straight and flat and won’t cup and warp to the same degree as other wood species. Like ipe, it’s tough on decay and insects. With the right finish, you can maintain the natural beauty of the redwood, or you can let it weather until it becomes gray in color. Redwood is gorgeous, but gray hardwood flooring is super trendy, so it’s up to your personal style.
  • Western Red Cedar – You’ll get all the benefits of ipe and redwood, but Western red cedar will vary in colors from amber to red to brown. Western red cedar has an oily content that makes it naturally resistant to the elements and bugs. Although this is a soft wood, it will not expand and contract as much as other softwoods.

Interior and exterior hardwood flooring

T&G flooring can help you extend your hardwood floors from room to room and all the way outside. Schedule a free consultation with a hardwood flooring expert in Denver or Evergreen, and we’ll help you find the perfect type of wood for your deck.