Hardwood floors are timeless, warm, and one of the most cherished and sought after flooring materials. Finding the right decor to go with your hardwood floors can be a bit of a challenge. Mainly because wood will go with just about every decorative style. So, your biggest challenge when decorating with wood floors is to keep it simple and don’t blend too many styles.

Wood Floors and the Open Floor Plan

Decorating an open floor plan home

Be thoughtful when you mix interior design elements in an open floor plan home.

The open floor plan is very popular in homes these days. If you already have wood floors, the first thing to look at is if the floors flow throughout the home. Even if there are a few mixed species of wood flooring, it’s important that every type of wood flows smoothly into the next. If the change is too abrupt, especially in an open floors plan, it will cut off the flow of the whole home.

Transition planks and borders

If the floors don’t quite match throughout the open floor plan, talk to someone about adding transitional planks between species for a smooth transition. Or you can add borders to certain sections in the open floor plan so that it looks intentional, and not like you ran out of one type of wood and continued haphazardly with another.

Decorating styles to match wood floors

Wood floors are classic and traditional so it makes sense to continue with that same style choice when you choose furniture and other decors. However, don’t be afraid to add a little drama and visual effect by contrasting warm wood floors with cool modern trends. You can also blend the traditional with the modern, as long as you keep it simple. Choose one main style, and then add a few exciting and unexpected touches of modern design.

Mixing interior design styles

When you mix styles, make sure that you don’t overdo it. With the open floor plan, make sure that the overall picture is appealing and flows naturally from section to section. If you like to play around with more styles in one home, you may want to think about having your floors refinished so that they are one even color throughout.

Softening wood floors with rugs

Decorating with hardwood floors

Soften up your hardwood floors with area rugs.

As beautiful as hardwood floors are, area rugs can be great at softening up your floors. Plus, you can also separate sections of the home with rugs, while keeping the hardwood floors consistent. If you do lay down rugs in certain areas, make sure that they flow with other rugs. Remember, an open floor plan means that the entire home needs to feel natural, and using a similar color palette and tone throughout is a great way to ensure consistency. Consistency in color and style will make the home feel comfortable to live in.

Refinishing hardwood floors

Having one consistent floor finish all around is a great way to tie a bunch of styles together. Your floors will be the connecting force between each style. With one consistent flooring finish, you have more room to play with the decor as the floors will be the unifying element between all styles.

Colorado hardwood flooring retailer

Before you do anything to your hardwood floors, get to know all of your options. Hardwood floors can last a lifetime, so you want to make the right choices from the beginning. At T&G Flooring, our experts can help you understand all of your hardwood flooring options. Schedule a free consultation or visit us at our Denver or Evergreen hardwood flooring showrooms.