You’re looking at your hardwood floors thinking they could use a good sanding and refinish. Year and years of fun have taken it’s toll, and it’s time to wipe away some of the memories and give new life to your floors. And then you start thinking, how hard would it be to do this job myself? Before you start moving furniture and renting a sanding machine, try this little test first to see if you’re really built to DIY.

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Staining a single floor board evenly is hard. Imagine how hard it will be on a much larger surface.

Here’s what you are going to need for this experiment:

  • One prefinished floor board
  • Floor stain
  • Gloves
  • Paint brush
  • Rags
  • Hand sander

To DIY or not to DIY

First, get your hand on a prefinished floor board. It doesn’t have to be the same type of wood that’s used in your floors. But, (spoiler alert) you should be able to sand, stain, and finish. Next, pick out the wood stain and finish, grab a few dust masks, and head on home.

As far as finding a sander, we suggest borrowing one from a friend or neighbor. Ask Facebook, one of your friends, has one. If you can’t find an electric sander, there’s always the option of using a sanding block.

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Sanding wood is harder than you think. Better call in the experts. Photo by: By Just Plain Bill

Now, place the board on your workbench, or whatever you are using as your workbench, plug in the sander and start sanding that board. You want to get rid of all of the original finish, making the board as even and smooth as possible.


Once you’re satisfied that the board is as smooth as can be, it’s time to apply the stain. Brush in long even strokes and don’t be tempted to pile it on too thick. Thinner layers are easier to control. They also dry faster. You’ve probably already realized that applying an even layer of wood stain isn’t as easy as you may think. Wood can be unpredictable, so can wood stain. Getting an even coat on just one single board requires patience and practice.

At this point, you may already be nodding your head saying “well played, T&G Flooring, well played” as you click the button to schedule a free consultation with a flooring craftsman. If the frustration of the fickle nature of wood and stain hasn’t convinced you that this project is best left to the experts, then the back pain and muscle aches from hovering over a floor board all day, not to mention the blanket of dust all around you, surely will.

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Save time, money, and your sanity by hiring a professional to sand and refinish your floors.

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Working with us, you’ll still feel like you are part of the project. You are the supervisor, the boss, overseeing the project. We do all the manual labor and heavy lifting. And, we clean up after ourselves. Now, isn’t that a way better way to DIY?