Dispelling myths about hardwood flooring

For whatever reason, the idea of having hardwood floors in your kitchen has gotten a bad rap. So, let’s set the record straight: a hardwood floor can add just as much beauty and function to your kitchen as it can to your living room. The reason people think that hardwood and kitchens don’t mesh is because of the heavy foot traffic and increased chance of water damage.

Is there an increased chance of water damage in your kitchen? Sure. If you are constantly splashing water everywhere leaving puddles sitting for days. But, most people will automatically clean up a spill whether it lands on hardwood floors or not, so why should it be any different in your kitchen. If you live in a home with beautiful hardwood floors, don’t deny your kitchen the same warmth and classic charm that you give the rest of your home.

walnut mixed floor

Walnut mixed flooring kitchen project by T&G Flooring in Colorado

One thing you should consider – more than the insignificant splashes of liquid that will hit the floor around the sink or cooking area – is that your kitchen tends to be a high traffic area. And have you noticed how parties somehow always end up with a large crowd hanging out in the kitchen? So, when you go to get hardwood floors installed in your kitchen, rather than worrying too much about water damage, worry about the type of wood and finish that will best serve all the shoes, feet and pet claws that will travel across the floor on the daily.

Kitchens is where reclaimed wood or a wood type with a lot of texture will help disguise the dents and dings that every kitchen floor is prone to get. A darker wood will also help disguise, or hide tiny flaws.

gaucho hickory kitchen floor

Handscrapped gaucho hickory kitchen flooring by T&G Flooring

We’ve talked about protecting your floors from pets and how to disguise unavoidable imperfections that creep up with normal wear and tear. The same goes for rooms with heavy foot traffic, like the kitchen. A softer finish that will dent rather than crack is preferable. Along with a matte finish that will hide, not highlight, dents and scratches.

A skilled hardwood installation expert will be able to guide you towards the right wood and varnish for an elegant, yet cozy, addition to your kitchen.

So, don’t listen to the naysayers. Go ahead and get that hardwood floor in your kitchen!