Authentic natural hardwood flooring design is going to be huge in 2018. If you’re thinking of getting new hardwood floors in the New Year, check out these hardwood flooring trends. We’re talking wide planks and distressed wood.

2018 wood flooring trends

reclaimed oak floor installation

Parquet flooring in interesting patterns is going to be big in 2018.

Wood flooring trends are blending sophisticated design with natural beauty. It’s a nice balance between something that is methodically planned out, while still keeping the look and feel of your wood floors organic. Using reclaimed wood or distressed wood and laying them in intricate patterns in natural sophistication at it’s finest.

Parquet hardwood floors

Parquet flooring is going to have a bigger presence in 2018 flooring design. Using your reclaimed or distressed wood and laying it in geometric patterns will create a unique flooring design. With parquet hardwood floors you can take warm organic floors and elevate their natural beauty.

Wide plank flooring

A parquet floor comes with an air of sophistication, but you can add some warmth to parquet floor by using wider planks. Wide planks will make your wood floors mature and authentically rustic. Mixing parquet with wide planks gives you farm-house chic.

Distressed wood flooring

Hardwood flooring trends in 2018

Hand scraped walnut parquet floors.

Distressed hardwood will add to the authenticity of your floors. The distressed wood adds a unique texture to your floors. We recommend getting hand-scraped distressed wood to make each plank unique, as opposed to machine scraped where each plank comes out identical. Distressed wood floors are perfectly suited for a modern country home.

Hardwood flooring retailer in Colorado

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