Prefinished vs. site-finished floors

When you speak to people about hardwood flooring there seem to be two separate camps: those that choose the site finished hardwood flooring vs. those that choose prefinished floors. We’re not taking sides, by any means, but we thought we’d point out a few benefits of choosing prefinished flooring.

Eliminate installation time with prefinished floors

If time is of the essence, the time it takes to install your floors on site, sometimes even weeks. It may be more than you can handle. We can’t all take sick leave to stay home and watch over a crew while they install, sand, seal, stain, etc. before you can get your life and your home back. Plus, you’ll be confined to a few rooms in your home while the craftsmen perform their craft.

Prefinished hardwood floors in Colorado

Noni prefinished hardwood flooring by Hallmark. Faux reclaimed hardwood with stunning color and long lengths.

Once you’ve waited for the wood to acclimate, you now need to wait for the stains to dry and cure completely before you start moving your furniture back and having friends over for dinner. The last thing you want to do is rush the process and end up denting, scratching, or damaging your new floors before you even got a chance to enjoy them fully.

Avoid excess noise and smells with prefinished flooring

Prefinished floors take all of that work that would be done in your home, taking up days of your time, and completes your floors somewhere else. They are getting the same treatment as site finished floors, you just don’t have to be there to see it happen.

Not only do you not need to see or live with the mess and the construction, but you don’t have to breathe in all the smells or listen to all the noise that is associated with installing, sanding, and finishing hardwood floors.

Eco friendly prefinished hardwood flooring in Colorado

Having your floors prefinished and stained off-site will eliminate filling your home with floor stain smells.

Using water based stains will eliminate toxic smells

Even though we use water-based polyurethanes, oil-modified polyurethanes, zero-VOC penetrating oil finishes, or UV-cured floor finishes, they are still going to smell. However, whether you choose site finished or prefinished floors, we always use the most eco-friendly choices available. We take pride in our work, and part of that pride is making sure that we don’t do damage to the environment.

Once your prefinished floors are installed, they are ready for walking, dancing, and playing. Your dogs can even take a turn over your new prefinished floors without the danger of premature scratches.

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