Despite everyone raving about dark floors, the natural, light wood floors have remained as popular as ever. However, like dark wood floors, no two light wood floors are alike. There are varieties and shades to choose from. The design solutions are endless, but a T&G artisan can help you find out what shade of wood is right for your home or business.

Types of wood floors at Denver showroom

Stop by out Denver or Evergreen showroom and check out your options for light blonde hardwood floors.

Light wood goes with almost anything

Natural oak floors within every shade of gold and blonde will complement almost every color and style of furniture. Light floors are like a blank canvas for your home; whatever you have going on regarding decor and color palette in your home will go well with light wood floors.

How light do you want your floors?

A white finish for your floors can be a bold contrast to darker furniture or a deep color on your walls. However, you will need to treat, paint, and stain the wood if you want the whitewashed look for your floors. Whitewashed floors are perfectly suited for a modern home with Scandinavian design and decor.

If you want to maintain the natural look and integrity of the wood species you choose, then expect your floors to take on a more golden color as the floors begin to age.

Hardwood flooring design in Denver

If you have a blonde pet, light floors will hide the hairs better than dark wood floors.

Timeless hardwood floors

Golden light oak wood floors are timeless, but you can also get light wood floors from reclaimed wood that will make it feel antique and rustic.

Hardwood design and installation experts in Colorado

T&G Flooring is one of Colorado’s largest hardwood flooring retailers. We carry our own selection of white oak flooring, distressed walnut or natural cedar with a smooth gray treatment, and natural hickory. Each species comes with their unique shade of honey, gold, gray, and light tones. Our craftsmen are experts in every type of installation and pattern and will be happy to talk to you about the best choices for your hardwood flooring project.

A well-designed and installed hardwood floor will last a lifetime. Make the right choice when you pick out a wood species. Schedule a free consultation before you make a decision!