(Cover: 2013 Jamestown, CO flood. Photo by: Steve Zumwalt/FEMA,from the FEMA Photo Library)

Add flood insurance to your Colorado homeowner’s policy

With warmer spring weather right around the corner we’re saying goodbye to frost and snow, and hello to the potential for flooding. For many Mountain Communities, as well as the Front Range taking precautionary measures to avoid damage in the event of a flood should be at the forefront of every homeowner’s mind.

Tips to protecting your hardwood floors

The snow will soon begin to melt, flowing down the Rocky Mountains and filling out rivers. Make sure you have flood insurance if you are in a high or medium risk area of Colorado.

We’re entering a season of heavy rains and hailstorms. This is great for all of our river rafting sports enthusiasts as our rivers will quickly fill up and come alive, showing off our world renowned rapids, but when the rivers overflow and the fast melting snow comes rushing down from the Rocky Mountains, it’s time to start thinking about flood insurance.

Water damage is the biggest enemy of hardwood floors

Of course, we are mostly concerned for your hardwood floors. There aren’t many enemies of hardwood flooring – as long as they are installed correctly – but a flood is probably hardwood flooring enemy number one! Flood damage can cause millions of dollars in damage, so make sure that your homeowner’s insurance policy will cover you in the case of a flood.

Hardwood flooring repair services in Denver and Evergreen

In 2013 the South Platte River overflowed causing major flood damage to the surrounding area.
Photo by Seraphimblade, via Wikimedia Commons

Your standard homeowner’s insurance policy will not automatically cover flood damage. You need to talk to your broker about adding this to your policy. Not having flood insurance is too risky for any Colorado homeowner. Your hardwood floors alone could break the bank if you need to completely redo your floors due to water damage.

Of course, you may never see a flood in your lifetime, but there’s always the danger of a burst water pipe or a broken washing machine or dishwasher that can wreak enough havoc on your floors to make flood insurance worth your money.

Protect your hardwood floors and get flood insurance

If you are already staring at the rotten side of water damage to your hardwood floors, schedule a free consultation, or stop by our showrooms in Denver and Evergreen, Colorado, and talk to the experts about the best way to move forward and repair (or replace) your damaged hardwood floors.