Wood is one of the most versatile materials for interiors due to its infinite number of patterns, color variations, and finishes. Often, wood floors are associated with a more traditional look that has its place in bedrooms, living areas, or kitchens, and less as an option for kids’ bedrooms. That’s not really fair because wood is, in fact, an excellent choice for your child’s room.

Hardwood floors are becoming increasingly popular for kids’ rooms because they are durable, sustainable, and have high endurance. They also don’t need to be costly.

Kent Oak wood flooring in Colorado

Hardwood Floors Are a Safe Bet for Kids

Health and safety are on every parent’s top list regarding their children. As a natural material, wood is far more reliable and certainly less toxic (in fact, not at all) than the resin-loaded laminate flooring. Unlike carpeting, it does not accumulate dust and fine dirt, so it is recommended for minimizing allergy issues. 

Maintenance and cleaning of hardwood floors are another of their big advantages. If the floor is treated with a urethane finish when installed, all you need is a mop and water for a regular cleaning. Spilled milk? Paint drops? Just wipe them up! Spots are also easily removed with a special stain remover for wood floors. For deeper damage, you will still need to resand and refinish.

Hardwood floors are durable and long-lasting, and they don’t need to be replaced as often as carpets.

accoustic properties of hardwood floor

Solid hardwood floors absorb sound better than any other wood flooring

A Playground for the Kids

Your little sunshine will be happy to roll the mini cars freely on the solid hardwood or play with their push toys.

Still concerned about the noise or some scratches? If your toddler loves to bounce the ball or his enthusiasm to race the mini cars does not go down,  you can place few foam floor tiles or couple of fun rugs on the “crime scene” to prevent marks or buffer the sound. Wood flooring, no matter the wood type, are a great backdrop for rugs, and rugs are smaller and easier to move and clean compared to large carpets.

Wood floors do give a warm, welcoming touch to children’s’ bedrooms, and their beauty and timelessness are undeniable.