White Oak vs. Red Oak

There’s a reason the saying “stronger than Oak” came about; it wasn’t just pulled out of thin air. And the reason is pretty straightforward; Oak flooring is known to be the strongest, hardest, and most resilient, whether you are going for the Red Oak or the White Oak. Choosing between the two often comes down to personal color preference. But, with either type, Oak flooring continues to dominate the hardwood flooring market.

Of course, Oak will also vary from species to species. The Northern grown Red Oak tends to be a little denser than its Southern cousin. And White Oak can sometimes show hints of pink that we tend to associate with the Red Oak. Location, terrain, weather and various other growing conditions can have an effect on the color, grain, and density of Oak flooring. This is true of any species, but since the Red and White Oak is made up of many species, the geographical location of your Oak flooring can vary from board to board. This can make matching old Oak floors with new Oak floors a bit of a challenge.

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But, we’re dealing with brand new floors now, so let’s take a quick look at some of the most obvious characteristics of Red and White Oak flooring so you can make the right choice for your floors.

The characteristics of Red Oak hardwood flooring

The stability and density of the wood, coupled with a strong grain and little color variation from board to board make this one of the most popular wood species for hardwood flooring. This species will have pinkish, reddish tints on each board, but can also come in a deeper shade of chestnut – or reddish brown.

The Red Oak is just a little bit softer than White Oak, making is a better choice for active homes, businesses with heavy foot traffic, or homes with pets. This species has a little bit more give, being better at hiding dents and scratches. The strong grain in Red Oak also helps to mask tiny imperfections that tend to occur over time.

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Oak flooring is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms as it has a natural resistance to water damage.

The characteristics of White Oak hardwood flooring

The White Oak is tougher than the Red Oak, but the natural color is a deep golden honey color that can add warmth to any home or business. The grain of the White Oak is also a little more subdued than the Red Oak.

White Oak is extremely tough and reliable. It’s resistance to water damage also makes this wood a great option for areas that are more prone to moisture or water, like door frames, door jambs, or your kitchen and bathrooms. It’s resistance to water damage also makes this wood a great option for areas that are more prone to moisture or water, like door frames, door jambs, or your kitchen and bathrooms.

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