Typically, when you see hardwood floors in a home, they are separated by thresholds from room to room. However, if you want to install a wood floor that runs smoothly throughout the home without being broken up, you create continuity and a smoother effect. Eliminating the threshold makes the home feel more cohesive and luxurious.

Avoid thresholds and transition pieces

Long continuous boards that don’t break up between rooms make for a beautiful result.

Avoiding thresholds and transition pieces

When you decide to have hardwood floors installed in your home, talk to your wood flooring contractor about installing the floors so that you avoid using thresholds. It’s a big project to take on because it means that you have to complete the whole house in one go, but if you have the time and the money, the result is beautiful and elegant. By having floors run from room to room without being broken up by thresholds, it will open up the entire home.

Long, continuous floor boards

If you want to avoid thresholds, you need to design the floors so that every floor board runs in the same direction. The longer the boards, the better. Long boards that extend from one room to another without a break will make for a more elegant look. It takes careful planning, but a skilled flooring contractor will be able to work out the installation and figure out the right measurements to install one big hardwood floors for the entire home. When you install your floors without breaking up the installation from room to room, you will have floor boards that run seamlessly from room to room. Long floor boards will run through the doorway, instead of having each board broken up between each room.

The right direction of your floors

You will need to figure out the best direction of your floors so that they are all lying in the same direction throughout the home. This will allow you to create an effect of a large open floor space, even though you have separate rooms. Avoiding transition pieces in the home will make the home feel more open. However, there may be rooms where you need to change direction so as to not cut off the size of the room. If a room is long and narrow, you don’t want to cut off the room by running the floorboards the shortest length of the room. For the most organic effect, floors will typically run with the longest length of the room. Installing the boards along the shortest length of the room could make the room feel smaller.

Installing new hardwood floors

Talk to a hardwood flooring expert in Denver or Evergreen about the best installation method for your home.

Some threshold and transition pieces

For odd-shaped rooms, your contractor may suggest that you change the direction of the floors and use a transition piece or threshold in the doorway. However, the more you can keep your floors running in the same direction, the better the final product.

The best floors for your home

There are many ways to install your hardwood floors. We want to make sure that you choose the best installation method for your home. When we start a hardwood flooring project, we want you to be a part of the process so that you understand our options and the best way to install your floors. Schedule a free consultation, and we’ll help you figure out whether you can avoid thresholds and transition pieces for the best results.