Hardwood floors in the bathroom? Are you crazy?!

There’s nothing crazy about hardwood floors in your bathroom, despite what all of your instincts are telling you. You do have to be smart about it. You can’t just get any old hardwood in your bathroom and call it a day. As with anything else, planning and execution are key to any long lasting hardwood floor, whether it’s in your bathroom or your bedroom.

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Talk to a local hardwood flooring expert about putting hardwood floors in your bathroom

Because your bathroom is home to moisture, you need to take precaution when you install a hardwood floor. The type of wood that you choose is key to a flawless and lasting execution. Talk to you hardwood flooring experts about durable, stable and water resistant wood.

Hardwood floors for the Colorado climate

Engineered hardwood is often much more stable than solid hardwood and doesn’t shape-shift as much with the constant moisture in your bathroom. Here in Colorado, we’ve got the red cedar and the redwood, which have both proven to be excellent for the Colorado climate, and have minimal fluctuation when it comes to changing temperatures and moisture levels. These types of wood are typically used for your boundary fences, so you can see that they are known to resist extreme weather conditions – including moisture.

If you want to go with a solid wood, look into your reclaimed wood options. Reclaimed wood is often unique in character. Any flaws that will appear due to the environment of your bathroom are more likely to blend into the natural eclectic and worn look of reclaimed wood floors.

But, no matter how skilled your craftsmen are at installing hardwood floors, you’ll still need to take some steps to protect the floors. Use bath mats near the sink, shower and toilet to avoid splashes of water gathering and destroying your floors.

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Don’t be afraid to put hardwood floors in rooms where you deal with water, like the bathroom or the kitchen. Here’s Als Barber Shop in Colorado, with beautiful hardwood floors near the hair washing station.

Keep moisture levels low in your bathroom to protect hardwood flooring

Make sure your bathroom is ventilated. Maintain the humidity as low as possible to protect your floors. Don’t turn it into a sauna or steam room. (Note to self, write a blog about the best wood for your sauna or steam room. Stay tuned!)

Besides being beautiful and avoiding the typically tiled bathroom floors, hardwood floors are also naturally warmer for your feet. So, no more dreading the morning trip to the loo where it feels like stepping into an ice-rink with bare feet.

As long as you do your research and consult an expert to get the right wood for the right project, hardwood floors can be beautiful in any room.