Gray is here to stay

Natural gray hardwood floors in Colorado

Cannon Beach Oak from Kentwood is a true gray hardwood flooring.

For those of you who thought that gray hardwood floors were just a fad, think again. Hardwood floors with gray tones have proven to be versatile and timeless. No matter what your style, natural gray hardwood floors can enhance every home.

Natural gray hardwood

You always have the option to paint your hardwood floors gray, but wood is so beautiful that it’s almost a shame to paint over all of those little unique details. Finding hardwood that has natural gray tones can be a bit tricky. Every type of wood, no matter the species, will have undertones of other colors. Be careful that you pick the right wood for your gray floors.

Undertones of blue and pink

When you find hardwood floors with gray tones, make sure that you pay attention to the other undertones in the wood. No piece of wood is just one color. To find the right wood to match the colors in your home, you have to look beyond the dominant color in the wood. With gray hardwood, you’re often going to get subtle undertones of either blue or pink. They may be subtle, but they’ll be much more obvious if the pink or blue clashes with your interior design.

Gray goes with everything

Gray is the number one hardwood flooring trend

Cannon Beach Oak flooring by Kentwood is a pure gray hardwood.

The reason gray hardwood floors are still leading the hardwood flooring trend is because it works with every style of decor. Gray hardwood floors are timeless but modern at the same time. Gray floors are neutral enough to not overshadow rest of your decor while still creating a striking aesthetic, whether your style is country, traditional, transitional, or contemporary.

Solid and engineered true gray hardwood floors

T&G Flooring carries a beautiful true gray oak floor. The Cannon Beach Oak by Kentwood is the purest gray hardwood floor on the market without any undertones of pink or blue. Cannon Beach Oak is rustic looking enough for the Colorado country home but plays well with both contemporary and traditional home design.

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