Parquet floors are going from the ballroom to the bedroom and all the rooms in between. For centuries, parquet floors were reserved for grand banquet halls or elaborate hotel lobbies, and of course, the grand ballroom. However, this elaborate flooring technique is making its way into private homes. A parquet floor is a turning out to be quite a versatile style of hardwood flooring for any style of home.

Parquet flooring in Colorado

Three-dimensional parquet floor design for the Broadmoor Hotel Bar.

What is parquet flooring?

Instead of strip flooring, parquet flooring is wooden blocks that can be geometrically arranged in a variety of elaborate patterns. Because the technique is so extravagant, parquet floors were typically saved for big floors where architects and contractors could really show off their skills. Parquet floors are reserved for museums and theaters, and places where they will be seen by the world. However, these days, even a country chic home can incorporate this sophisticated type wood flooring.

Parquet floors for the grand ballroom

When you design parquet flooring for a grand room, you want to pull out all the stops. You want the patterns to be sophisticated and architectural. You can even use different types of wood to create more extravagant patterns and shapes.

Finish off a luxurious and grandiose parquet floor with a high-gloss finish for added glamor and shine.

Parquet floor installation in Denver

Classic herringbone parquet flooring for a rustic and modern home.

Parquet floor for every room

If you’re looking to have parquet floors in your home, you want to tone down the pattern. Unless you have a very big room in your home, you don’t want to get too ambitious with your design. A classic herringbone pattern is a stunning visual in any style of home. You can even choose distressed or reclaimed wood to make your parquet floors match a rustic style home, or you can choose black or dark brown oversized blocks or even a gray wood for a more modern style home.

Parquet floors in Colorado

Whatever your style of home, the parquet floor can be that wow factor you’ve been looking to add to a room, or maybe you want to make an extravagant commercial space even more visually stunning.

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