When you buy an old home with the intention of fixing it up, there’s nothing more incredible than discovering hidden hardwood floors under old worn carpeting. Uncovering hardwood floors is like finding a hidden treasure. However, some old floors have been covered for a reason. So, before you get too excited, make sure that you can sand and refinish the wood floors to add beauty and property value to your new home.

Refinishing old hardwood floors

Hardwood floors hidden under carpet may need a lot of care to bring them back to life.

Can your floors be refinished?

If your home is old enough, there’s a good chance that what you’re going to find underneath the carpet is solid hardwood floors. With most solid floors, even some engineered floors, there’s an excellent chance that you can have the floor sanded and refinished, revealing classic, warm, and timeless wood floors.

Checking the wear layer

When you start to tug at the old carpeting and the hardwood floors are revealed, you need to check the wear layer to see if they can be refinished. The wear layer is the top layer of the wood, above the tongue and groove joints. Solid hardwood floors can go through more refinishing than engineered floors, and hopefully, you’ve discovered floors that still have a thick enough wear layer to bring them back to life.

Damage done by years of carpeting

Refinishing hardwood floors

Work with a professional to refinish your floors and bring them back to life.

Carpeting started becoming popular in the 1960s, and although your home may not have the thick brown shag carpeting that was originally installed, the hardwood underneath may have taken quite a beating from years of carpeting. Carpets can be installed in a variety of ways, from glue to staples to screws and nails. That means that the wood underneath may have seen its share of damage throughout the years. Plus, you may be surprised at how dirty and stained the wood will be. After all, red wine may be cleaned out of the carpet, but a remnant may still be left on the wood underneath. You also may find dirt and pet dander around the edges where it’s been pushed underneath the carpet. Fortunately, a professional sanding and refinishing job will take care of all the damage.

Revitalizing old hardwood floors

No matter how terrible the state of the wood floors, sanding off the stained and damaged top layer and putting on a nice finish is all you need to give your home good-as-new hardwood floors. If there are a few boards that need replacing, a skilled flooring craftsman can help you match the wood and the stain for a beautiful result.

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