Closing your shop, restaurant, or place of business to remodel or have your hardwood floors refinished can be costly. Time is money, and hardwood flooring finishes can take days to cure. Some require a wait time of up to a week before you can resume walking on your floors. UV cured finishes are allowing contractors and hardwood flooring craftspeople to cut the time of curing the floor from days to mere hours. With UVElite, we’ll have you back on your floor in no time.

Best hardwood floor finish for high-traffic businesses

The leader in UVcured finishes

We offer nothing for the best for our clients, so we work directly with Arboritec, the market leader in UV cured finishes. UV cured finishes are shaking up the hardwood flooring finish industry, and making it much more cost-effective for business owners to refinish their hardwood floors without having to stay closed for up to a week waiting for their floors to fully harden. With UVElite floor finish and a UV light, business owners can get back to serving their clients almost immediately.

UV cured finishing services in Colorado

UVElite instant cured floor finish will get you back on your floor in no time.

The process of applying UVElite

Applying UVElite UV cured floor finish is much like any other waterborne finish. You start with sanding your old floors, getting rid of the old finish and any scratches, dents, and discoloration. Once the floors are smooth, one to three coats of UVElite is applied to your floors.

The second next step is to wait for your floors to return their original moisture level before taking out our portable UV light and instantly curing your hardwood floors.

When the photoinitiators within UVElite activate, they add unrivaled strength and durability. UVElite is a commercial grade finish that is about 40% more durable than traditional two-component water-based floor finish. This makes UV cured floor finishes a great choice for high-traffic businesses and active households, especially those with pets.

UV cured floor finish in Colorado

If you have a hardwood flooring project that is in need of sanding and refinishing using UV technology, contact T&G Flooring.