Rethink Your Walls: Reclaimed Wood Wall Treatments

Reclaimed wood wall treatments are becoming more popular because they give your space a rustic retro look that’s absolutely amazing. There’s a sense of history hidden within every grain. Reclaimed wood products can transform your space into something that truly feels unique.


Things to Consider to Make Walls Look Great

Reclaimed wood is a cheap and effective way to add texture and warmth to our home. Spaces where it’s used have a raw untamed look that can contrast modern homes with a touch of the old school. It’s an eco-friendly option too. Re-purposing material in this manner cuts down on lumber usage.


These are the primary things you’ll want to consider when you incorporate a reclaimed wood wall into your property:


A wood accent to walls are a best when they compliment the overall design. You don’t want to wood to look too busy or overpower the decor of the room. The wood should play well with the other elements.

PlacementReclaimed wood wall treatments

Reclaimed wood works well in a number of locations. Including bedrooms, dens, and entertainment rooms. It’s a great way to highlight a piece of art or natural lighting. If treated properly in can work in a diverse selection of areas.


Interior decorators talk about accent. Wood has a natural rustic appeal that works well with almost any kind of furniture. You won’t have to think overly hard about matching furniture with neutral tan, brown, or grayish wood. Wood-paneled walls work beautifully in high-ceiling spaces, and glow under natural lighting.

Color palette

Reclaimed wood’s finish is incredibly eclectic. As always it can be stained or painted to meat your individual needs. Color matching won’t be a problem. If you see a color you like there’s a very good chance it won’t clash against wood.


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