Reclaimed hardwood floors are popular for many reasons. First, it is environmentally responsible. Second, they look cool. And third, they have a rich history that you can’t get with new hardwood floors. This is also true for our reclaimed mixed species hardwood floors.

Reclaimed hardwood flooring in Colorado

Ahoy, Mateys. You never know what rich pirate history ye reclaimed hardwood floors could bring.
Photo by WikiPedant at Wikimedia Commons

Historic buildings often become beautiful reclaimed hardwood floors

When old commercial buildings come down, the wood is often recycled into hardwood floors. Your reclaimed wood could have been an old town hall or a candy factory. The vintage, eclectic look of reclaimed floors are just the surface of why they are so cool. For antique and history buffs, learning where your reclaimed wood come from is as much fun as designing your new floors. The modern day home is all about incorporating environmental responsibility and history with modern design.

Reclaimed wood can come from anywhere, from land or sea. Wood from ships lost at sea have been recovered and salvaged to use as hardwood flooring in a new home. Maybe they were in search of new undiscovered territories; maybe they were taking down by pirates. Maybe they were pirates. You just never know what stories your salvaged wood has to tell.

Share the history of your reclaimed hardwood floors

Candy factories, airplane hangars, sports stadiums, and other historic buildings all have a chance to end up in your home. Now you have a story to tell your guests, and you can feel good knowing that they didn’t end up in our already overflowing landfills.

Reclaimed hardwood floor installation in Denver and Evergreen, CO

From old log cabins to historic factories, there’s no telling where your reclaimed wood has been before it reaches your home.

install reclaimed hardwood floors in your Colorado home or business, talk to us about the best options for a great hardwood flooring experience. We want you to feel good about the wood – whether it’s reclaimed or engineered. We want you to have a great experience when installing new hardwood floors, and that includes knowing the history of your wood.

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